How to Choose Quality Shoes, See Brand, Leather, or Price?

There is a term that is popular in the community; lose to buy, win to wear. There is also the opposite, win to buy, lose to wear. These two expressions are very important in getting quality shoes.

The layman’s part, every shoe is the same. Hence, prefer shoes based on lower prices. For people with money, there are those who choose shoes based on the brand, regardless of the price.

How should it be? The founders of the Eve & Kane shoe label, Gabi Levi and Kaz, the founder of the first Japanese leather custom shoe label provider to the Australian market, shared some tips on finding quality leather shoes.

1. Leather and Suede Flexibility

The softer the leather, the more comfortable it will be on your feet. However, soft leather will not last as long as leather with thick construction, which can also be cheaper.

2. Smell in Shoes

Try kissing the inside of the shoe. If it smells like glue, then chances are the shoes were made with a cheap process (glued), rather than sewing.

3. Smell of skin

Apart from the inside, try smelling the leather. Quality leather will smell like high-quality leather, not synthetic leather.

4. Sol

The sole is a vital component of a shoe. Kaz explains, expensive leather shoes often have hidden parts where we can’t see the stitched area on the bottom of the shoe.

5. Skin Class

High quality leather will definitely last longer and stay in shape. Especially if the shoes are shaped like loafers.

6. Feel the Inside

We cannot know the comfort of shoes without trying them on. So, try wearing these shoes. Feel the comfort of the inner sole. This section will determine how comfortable a shoe is.

Better quality shoes certainly have more comfort. Expensive shoes will have higher quality soles, and are designed to be three times more durable than regular leather shoes.

Levi explained, for loafer or leather shoe drivers, it is important to check whether the shoe material is very thin. If they are too soft and flexible, even though they are comfortable, the shoes are not durable and the shape will not last long.

Visually, you can check the solidity of the stitches, the consistency of the sewing distance and the depth of the stitches. Hand made or machine?

Hand sewing can be more expensive because the shoes are sewn directly by the shoemaker. But that does not mean the quality can be better. Some hand-stitched shoes from Italy and Portugal don’t look good because of the visible imperfections.