How to know the difference between original and KW shoes before buying

If you don’t want to catch the wrong sneaker that you think is the real thing, you should refer to Hipwee’s explanation on how to tell the difference between original and kw shoes until it’s finished!

1. Check the price

The average price of sneakers is not cheap, of course you have to do a lot of research about the price of the sneakers you want. Brands like Nike, Adidas, and New Balance are priced at IDR 350 thousand to millions of rupiah. It depends on the type of shoe and its condition. So if you buy sneakers for IDR 50-100, it’s almost certain that KW is…

2. Shop at a trusted store that sells genuine goods

If you don’t want to hesitate to buy at an online store that isn’t necessarily reliable, go to an official store or outlet that sells sneakers. While it almost certainly costs a little more than what is offered online, you are free to PR to doubt whether the item you are buying is genuine or a fake.

3. Pay attention to the shoe material, from the sole to the material of manufacture

Genuine shoes at a price that is enough to make a headache indeed promise more materials than the imitation series. Look at the soles, if fake shoes often use raw rubber which is yellow-brown in color. The pattern on the sole is also different from the original sneakers on offer. Before buying, it never hurts to do a little research to find out what the original look of the shoes you want.

No need to worry, if you are a lover of sneakers who buy things that don’t suit you, you also understand which ones are real and which ones are fake with just one glance, with the shape and material of the shoes.