Shoe function

Shoes have now become a primary human need. The main function of shoes is to protect themselves from foot injuries, due to hitting hard objects or stepping on hard or sharp objects.

Good shoes can not only protect the feet, but also comfortable to wear. In this modern era, the function of shoes is no longer just a foot protection device, but also a part of fashion.

Shoes can make the wearer confident or vice versa, especially for young women and adult women.

Departing from that thought, Liliana Ellen Setiadi, a young woman entrepreneur, was compelled to introduce shoes that are comfortable to use, fashionable, but at affordable prices, with the brand Calensis.

Calensis is a local brand made by local craftsmen, who have decades of experience in their fields. Footwear products launched in the form of women’s shoes types of flatshoes, high heels, sandals.

The advantages of Calensis are affordable prices, high quality, premium materials with the addition of a soft tread pad.